All mum’s want for Christmas is…
someone to help with the cleaning and a good night’s sleep!

We recently asked our members what they would ask for if they had a direct line to the Christmas Fairy. The results were quite surprising!

Given a choice, most mums would rather have help with household chores than a night on the tiles this festive season!

Asked to choose the things that would most improve their Christmas, 83% of mums surveyed opted for someone to handle the housework, while 79% said they’d love a guaranteed night of undisturbed sleep. Resting came out ahead of raving, with a night out with friends taking a distant third spot, chosen by only 53% of mums.

The poll surveyed over 100 mums with at least one child under two years of age. And while life at home with young children can often be stressful, the results suggested that time away from little ones is not necessarily the answer. With only half opting for a night out and only one third (33%) choosing a day off from motherhood, the poll indicated that mums might be more stressed out by having to manage all those additional day to day tasks than they are by looking after their little ones.

Just over a fifth of respondents said they would like to be freed from the burden of having to choose which family members to see this Christmas!

Other options, including a continuous supply of alcohol (but no hangovers), or the ability to go to the loo or have a shower alone, drew fewer than 20% of the votes.

In what was only meant to be a light-hearted member poll, we think that the results show just how challenging mum life can be. Mums don’t seem to be too concerned by choosing who to see this Christmas, they just want some help and a chance to put their feet up! During the winter period we tend to hide away indoors more, day to day chores can feel overwhelming, especially when there’s a little one to keep entertained as well!!

Perhaps that’s why our customers seem to see our local and online classes as parental lifelines, providing access to a community of supportive mums, on tap online access to hassle-free exercise and a wealth of entertainment options for little ones to help develop and stimulate – taking the pressure off already overloaded parents.