Upon registering for ‘Approved Partner’ status, you are accepting the follow Terms and Conditions:


‘Approved Partner’ status means that busylizzy family club is happy to recommend the supplier in question to its members. ‘Approved Partner’ status does not create a partnership between busylizzy family club and the supplier for the purposes of the Partnership Act 1890. Whilst busylizzy family club takes reasonable care in determining whether a supplier should be recommended to its members, busylizzy family club disclaims liability for any negligence or default on the part of any such supplier.


  1. Your ‘Approved Partner’ status will start on the date you have chosen to make your purchase ”Commencement Date”
  2. You shall pay the 1st monthly fee at the time of registering ‘Commencement Date’ and at the rate specified by Busylizzy.
  3. The ‘Approved Partner’ status starts from the Commencement Date and runs for 1 calendar month (for example if you register on 17th Feb, your ‘Approved Partner’ status runs from 17th Feb – 16th March, and rolls over on a monthly basis until terminated in accordance with section 3 below).
  4. Busylizzy reserves the right to amend its Fees at any time.
  5. All Fees paid upfront are non-refundable
  6. Payment for Fees is taken by our third party payment processor. On making a purchase you will leave the Website and enter a third party’s booking engine followed by another third party’s payment website. Payment is then taken by credit or debit card via a secure connection. Busylizzy does not have access to your payment card details. Once you leave our Website you are subject to the terms and conditions of our third party booking engine and payment processor. We are not liable for any damage caused in relation to using our Partner’s services.

Promotional Page Design and Directory Listing

  1. After ‘Approved Partner’ registration you will be sent an email detailing how to and where to upload your promotional page content, logo and up to 5 photographs.
  2. You agree to only use images and photographs which you have been granted permission.
  3. We aim to have your promotional page live within 48 hours of receiving your details.

Term and Termination

Your ‘Approved Partner’ status shall commence on the Commencement Date and shall continue until terminated in accordance with these terms.

  1. We may terminate your Listing in the following circumstances (not limited to):– You breach any term of this Agreement– You provide us with false details

    – Non-payment of Fees

  2. You may terminate your ‘Approved Partner’ status at any time by providing us with one month’s written notice by email to guildford@busylizzy.co.uk