Busylizzy Bags Award for Lockdown Transformation

We’re so excited to announce that Busylizzy Live is now award-winning! On Friday last week the Quality Franchise Association named us as the winners of its “Best Adaptation to Change” Award at the Virtual Franchise Association Awards.

With no choice but to close local classes as the Covid-19 crisis set in last March, our network of franchise owners worked together to create a brand new online timetable of more than twenty weekly online pregnancy and postnatal fitness and baby classes, as well as regular expert talks and workshops, under the banner of our virtual community, Busylizzy Live.

Over ninety percent of our local members moved onto the new virtual service at launch, allowing us to stay connected to our customers and offer them a lifeline of online content to keep them busy and fit at home during the first lockdown. But it also allowed us to build relationships with lots of new mums and mums to be, achieving nationwide coverage for the first time since our creation in 2011 – but also reaching an international audience. The platform grew rapidly to welcome more than 2,500 members by May 2020. Numbers have remained consistently high, with memberships coming from all manner of new locations from the Isle of Skye, to Dubai!

The online service remains an integral part of the overall Busylizzy offering even when we’re able to run local classes. The blending of virtual and local access enabled smooth transitions for our local clubs throughout local tier restrictions and in and out of subsequent lockdowns.

The QFA award is a wonderful acknowledgment of all the hard work that has gone into the creation of Busylizzy Live in what has been a really tough year! Our online platform didn’t exist 12 months ago – had not even been conceived of – yet it has changed our business model and day to day operations for good, and revolutionised what we can offer the mums and babies we serve throughout these turbulent times. Somehow Busylizzy seems stronger now than it did pre-Covid. What could be the next step on our journey?!