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Live Talk: Managing Irritability and Anger – Idyli Kameterou from Therapy For Me

Idyli knows from experience that motherhood comes, not only with exciting and pleasant feelings, but also with stress and overwhelming emotions. Irritability can be the result of taking on too much and having multiple roles to respond to. In this workshop, Idyli will discuss the factors that can contribute to emotions of irritability and anger. She will also cover strategies that can make a difference in managing these feelings better and preventing them in the future.

Idyli is a psychotherapist in an NHS specialist service for anxiety conditions. Her background is in psychology, counselling and mental health. Idyli specialised in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy at the University of Oxford and this is the main therapy model that she uses in her work. Having worked in mental health teams within the NHS for the last 10 years, Idyli now has her own private practice, Therapy For Me which offers one-to-one support to adulats as well as specialist services to expectant and new parents.