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The UK’s leading maternity club with 15 sites across the UK and 2000+ members taking part in our classes every day.
We offer businesses of all shapes and sizes an exciting array of opportunities online and in our local clubs. Our brand strength has a proven track record of influencing mums’ shopping habits in the local market. Over 90% of our members agree that Busylizzy is a trusted source of advice and this trust lends itself to helping marketers resonate with our mums. Crucially, we meet our members face to face every single day in our clubs or via Zoom, so if you want to connect your brand with ‘real‘ mums across multiple platforms we’ve got you covered.

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Busylizzy family club

Celebrating ten years of Busyness!

Established in the UK in 2011, in response to a lack of good quality, fun and professionally run classes for pre/post-natal mums, babies and toddlers, Busylizzy was born. Our unique concept, high service levels, innovative use of technology and great value proposition have captured the imagination of mums in what was otherwise a traditional sector. The multi award winning Busylizzy® brand has helped define a new category of family entertainment provision ‘ The Family Club ‘.

  • Innovative marketing opportunities in our clubs and online

  • Affluent membership demographic ABC1

  • Class/Event sponsorship options

  • Surveys, product testing, reviews, testimonials

  • Intergrated advertorials

  • Competitions and social shares

  • Real life Vlogs & Blogs and LIVE product demos

  • Multi platform options (App, SMS, Email, Face-to-face, in-class, member packs)

ABC1 Member Profile

Member Demographics

Families who join Busylizzy are intelligent, discerning modern day adults (mainly ABC1) who tend to pay for quality and brand reassurance. The majority of our members are aged between 28– 42 (median age 33). A high percentage of our members have a baby 2 years or below, and although many will be first time parents, many have toddlers, and older children too.We have an incredibly engaged audience with over 2000 active members attending our classes everyday in person or online via Zoom and making the most of their maternity. All our members are accessing our website and booking system via tablet and smartphone, so they are digitally savvy.