Everything you need to know about Busylizzy. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we’ll promptly respond to your query.

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Why do I need a membership?

Busylizzy is the UK’s No.1 Family Club. We stream over 25 Facebook LIVE! and Zoom classes each week, present professional talks with our expert partners, plus host a portfolio of over 300 on-demand classes for members to enjoy anytime! Classes and talks take a lot of planning and budget so we can only offer this flexible service to committed members. We have two membership options – ‘Essential Membership’ gives you access to all the classes that take place in the Facebook group each week plus use of the portfolio of previous classes that have been saved and available to view at your leisure – anytime. ‘Premium Membership’, giving you all the benefits of an ‘Essential Membership’ PLUS Zoom class credits to use each month in our interactive Zoom classes for those wanting a more personal and interactive experience. Give us a go. You won’t regret it. Get started today!

What is an Essential Membership?

Essential membership gives you bottomless access to all the classes that take place in our private Facebook group ‘Facebook LIVE!’ each week. There are around 20 new sessions a week to participate in, plus talks from our expert partners. All Facebook LIVE! classes and talks are saved, giving you a back catalogue of over 300 sessions to view at anytime. It’s a brilliant resource. In fact, we consider this group an essential for all parents embarking on their first steps into motherhood and beyond… hence the name!

What is a Premium Membership?

Premium membership gives you all the benefits of an Essential Membership PLUS Zoom class unlimited credits to use each month on any of the Zoom timetable sessions. This is ideal for parents who want more interaction with other parents and the instructor in the class. Zoom classes are more personal, offer tailored advice/guidance and you can ask questions. Your Zoom class credits can be used on any of the Zoom sessions we run each month. Simply use the Busylizzy App to book, cancel and reschedule the Zoom classes you would like to attend. It’s this brilliant flexibility that Busylizzy members LOVE! A premium service designed for parents, just like you.

Can I trial a class before joining Busylizzy?

New members all receive a 14 day cooling off period – effectively a 14 day trial upon joining Busylizzy. Once signed up we activate your account and give you access to the private Facebook Group Busylizzy LIVE! Additionally, Premium members access the Busylizzy App to book Zoom classes. If after 14 days you decide membership is not for you, we simply refund you and cancel your membership – less £1 per day you were an Essential Member and/or £10 per Zoom class attended. See our T&C’s for more info.

How do I join Busylizzy?

Joining is easy and only takes 60 seconds. Click here,choose your preferred membership option – Essential or Premium, complete the personal details form and make your payment using any debit or credit card through our secure payment system. We will promptly activate your account (and App for Premium Members) so you can start taking part in the classes.

I joined online but haven’t received my activation link yet?

A member of the busylizzy team activates your account for you. All new membership are processed promptly – usually within 12 hours. If you are wanting to attend a specific class straight away and haven’t received your log in, contact us and we’ll sort it out.

I need to cancel my membership

Please fill in the cancellation form here and we’ll do the rest. If you are within your 14 day trial period you will be refunded your Monthly Membership Fee less £1 per day you were an Essential Member and/or £10 per Zoom class attended for Premium Members. If you are outside your 14 day trial period, we just require 1 months notice.

When can I start pregnancy exercise classes?

We recommend 14 weeks +. That said, we are all different and if your midwife is happy for you to exercise, we’d love for you to take part in our pregnancy classes. Our fitness team are pregnancy fitness qualified and parents themselves so you’ll be in safe hands.

When can I start postnatal exercise classes?

We recommend 6 weeks after having your baby. That said, we are all different and if your G.P is happy for you to start exercise, we’d love for you to take part in our pilates or yoga classes. Our fitness team are postnatally qualified and parents themselves so you’ll be in safe hands.

How do I use the App?

Download the Busylizzy App and select ‘UK’ from the option of clubs. Navigate to ‘schedule’ where you will see all the classes available each week. Sessions can be booked upto 6 weeks in advance. Simply choose your preferred class and hit ‘Book’ to reserve your space. You will automatically receive an email containing a Zoom meeting link to access the class. If you need to cancel your space, simply hit ‘CANCEL’ on the session and your class credit will be allocated back to you to use another day. We just ask that you give us 2 hrs notice before the class starts.

How do I set up my Busylizzy username and password?

All premium members are sent a link to activate their Busylizzy Zoom account. Click on the link in the email and create a memorable username and password. Once done, use these details to activate your account in the App.

I need to cancel a Zoom class?

No worries! Simply open the app, navigate to the session and hit ‘cancel’. Your class credit will be allocated back onto your account to use another day. Just make sure you do this before the 2 hr cut off prior to the start of the session. Classes cannot be cancelled within this timeframe.

How do I watch the classes in the Facebook group?

There is a pinned post at the top of the Facebook group to show you the timetable and what class is on and when. To view a session, head to the Facebook group at the time of the session and the class will automatically play. If you cannot see it, refresh your page.

I’ve missed the start of a Facebook LIVE class or talk. Can I go back and watch it?

Yes, all these classes are saved on the Busylizzy Live Facebook page so you can watch at a later date/time.