Five simple steps to curb sugar cravings

Lucy Howlett
If you’re trying to lose weight, or just making a resolution to eat more healthily, reducing the amount of sugar in your diet will really help. It doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, if you’re putting the wrong things into your body you won’t get the results you want. And it’s not just the obvious sources of sugar you need to cut back on – you’d be surprised at the ‘hidden’ sugars we regularly eat or drink in foods that we would otherwise think healthy.
So here we go – my 5 simple steps to cut your sugar intake and start to get healthy from the inside out!

1. Replace cakes and biscuits made with flour and sugar with raw cake, fruit sugars and other flours, raw chocolate, coconut/spelt/buckwheat and oat flour.
2. Reduce the amount of sugar you drink; in juice, squash/high juice, in your tea or coffee. Start bit by bit to the smallest amount you can or none at all.
3. Have more vegetables than fruit in your diet. Fruit is still sugar that can cause weight gain. Or buy fruits containing less sugar such as berries or cantaloupe melon.
4. Check how much sugar is in your sauces, salad dressings, spreads & chutney and switch to more natural versions. You may be surprised!
5. If you eat cereal, try to use ones with no added sugar or a little bit of fruit instead e.g. oats, Oatibix, bran flakes.

About Lucy
Lucy Howlett is a Birth Recovery Coach. Her work and passion lies in helping new mums to thrive (in body and mind), not just survive. Lucy is a highly experienced postnatal exercise specialist, advanced yoga teacher, baby massage instructor, massage therapist and mum to Matilda, born in 2014. She has worked with the body for over 14 years and has a degree in dance. After her own traumatic birth experience, PTSD and a lot of healing, Lucy shares her love for all things body and mind, to help mums adjust to the most life changing transition that is motherhood – also known as Matrescence.
Lucy can be found at, @thebirthrecoverycoach on Instagram and ‘Lucy Howlett – The Birth Recovery Coach’ on Facebook.