Franchise FAQ

Our Franchise website has been designed to answer most general questions about Busylizzy. If you would like to know more specific information, download our free Franchise Report, or book a 1-2-1 discovery net meeting where we will explain more and answer your questions.

Busylizzy clubs are largely located in other already established venues. This ‘pop up’ concept keep overheads down and enables the business to run on a flexible basis. If you already have your own facility then yes, Busylizzy could work within that framework but most Busylizzy club will take on a ‘pop up shop’ approach.
A franchise license is valid for and renewed every 5 years. You are free to sell the business on at any time, however we must approve the buyer so we are sure that they will be a suitable franchisee. If you take a decision to sell we will happily support you in doing so, as it is in our interest to have franchisees that are trying to build value into their businesses to ready them for a profitable sale.
Yes, we will provide you with a comprehensive operating manual for your business comprising of clear procedures including the Customer Relationship Management System, Booking, App & Scheduling, The Member Experience, Class formats, Financial planning & reporting to HQ. We have a proven business format and will provide you with clear and simple instructions on how to replicate this within your club.
The franchise is granted for an initial 5 year term with the opportunity to renew for a further 5 years at no further cost.
Yes. We have invested in territory mapping professional services which have identified areas in the U.K suitable for a Busylizzy club. These areas are all deemed viable in terms of demographics, population density and affordability. Each franchise is given exclusive rights to operate a Busylizzy club out of as many venues as they wish within the territory area agreed.
There are lots of independent and franchised baby classes which specialise in a discipline – art, music, or sensory. Busylizzy encompasses a variety of different class activities for mums and little ones all under one umbrella so doesn’t fall into this band. Some large Health clubs offer children’s activities and in some instances creche facilities but to our knowledge, Busylizzy is the only branded provider of pre/postnatal fitness and baby classes, talks and events in person and online in the U.K – something we are very proud of.
You are the expert in your area so we’d expect each franchisee to identify and research suitable venues for classes and we will be onhand to give you as much help as you request. Remember, your success is our success. Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to get you started in the right manner in the right venue.
We have invested in professional territory mapping services who have identified locations across the U.K with similar demographics, affluence, and population density to that of our pilot sites. It’s only these areas which are available for prospective franchisees to purchase as they are considered viable markets with enough young families to support a club.
We have 6 different franchise options starting from £3,999+VAT up to £40,000+.
We train you to use our systems and in all operational aspects of running the business. Our online training portal and guides are also available for all franchisees to access 24/7. This includes written notes and video instructions of everything you’ll need to know. Our Customer Relationship Management company also provides additional support with any technical questions you may have about your booking & payment system.
Every business is different so it is difficult for us to predict the exact profitability of your club. We will provide you with all the tools required to clone our successful model which runs at 20-25% Net and 65% Gross Profit and as with everything, the more time you invest in selling and managing your club, the more profitable you will be.
Busylizzy members pay a monthly membership fee for classes. This membership model has the opportunity to grow month on month creating a self renewing client base. Additional revenue can be generated from workshop and event ticket sales.

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We are currently recruiting for new owners to join us and to share in our success. If any of the above resonates with you – book into an online discovery meeting and I’ll explain the opportunity to you in more detail. Here’s to an exciting future.