Designed with qualified instructors in mind

  • Run your own Busylizzy family club

  • Perfect for qualified fitness or baby instructors

  • Teach all, or some of the classes

  • Benefit from our 5 star reputation and proven model

  • Get a large and exclusive customer base

  • Full onboarding and ongoing support

Owner operator franchise licence

Designed with qualified instructors in mind, choose between three franchise licences; ‘Pregnancy’, ‘Fitness’ and ‘Mum & Baby’.

Our owner operator franchise licences give you the ability to run your own Busylizzy branded classes, either solely as a new venture or alongside your current clients/business – fully supported by the Busylizzy head office team, knowhow and award winning reputation.

Additional benefits also include your own Busylizzy App, high ranking website page, use of brand, logo, imagery, smart marketing materials, online booking, systems and client growth support.

It’s a business in a box for instructors looking at growing their business or wanting to attract new clients from the mum & baby market.

Fully Supported

Quite simply, we want our franchise owners to be able to focus fully on the areas that will ensure their business is successful; delivering an excellent customer experience and building a positive reputation within the local community.

Julie (our founder) will hold your hand and guide you through setting up your Busylizzy club. We don’t expect you to be an expert in every area and there will almost certainly be at least one part of the business you’ll need more assistance with such as sales and marketing, accounts or contracts. But don’t worry help is always on hand… this is one of the benefits of being part of Busylizzy.

After your initial training and club launch, our online portal is available for your to access anytime and consists of marketing materials, ‘how to’ guides & videos, and all the master documents you need to run a successful business. Our hive support team are available for Q&A assistance for as long as you need it, and there is no additional cost for this valuable ongoing training and support. This is your chance to start and grow a business that belongs to you – fully supported by a Head Office team.

Brand Strength



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