Part Eight: Financials & Business Planning

Part 8 of 10


  • Membership model is the business model of choice among entrepreneurs.

  • Classes continue all year so you have a steady, reliable income with min seasonality

  • Money goes into your bank account – leaving you in control

  • 90% of memberships renew month on month plus extra revenue generated through member events, workshops

  • Established clubs – see members coming back with baby 2, 3 or even 4!

  • Our reputation means you can plug into parenting groups and entice whole mummy networks to join together.

  • It’s unlikely you have created a business plan before and we don’t expect you to be a whizz with spreadsheets. We hold your hand and through using our network averages, help you create a business plan that suits your ambitions and lifestyle.
  • Our model is based on a Gross Profit margin of 65%
  • Pre approved model for lending most UK banks. We have the relationships with Lloyds, Natwest and HSBC so you can speak to the right people, quickly to secure funding if needed.
  • Grants, lending and staged payments available to help cashflow
  • Grow your business and add value

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