Part Nine: Lifestyle & Perks

Part 9 of 10

Lifestyle & Perks

You only get one chance to spend time with your child. You can’t repeat it so take this opportunity to do something different and work where your family is encouraged to join in and be part of the business.

Everyone can now work from home but as an employee, you are still a slave to your boss. This is you opportunity to take control of your destiny and do it differently


  • No boss, no commute or heart wrenching nursery drop off. You manage your own time, class timetable and decide when and where you want to work. That might be from home, local cafe or a villa in Spain!

  • We LOVE little ones and one of our founding principles is to offer flexibility to our members and franchise partners. Where else can you bring your baby to work!

  • This is your business but be under no illusion that it’s easy. Running any business requires drive, self motivation and organisation. With our built in support team, you’re never alone

  • You’re in business for yourself – it’s your business BUT, you are never by yourself.

  • No fixed hrs, no clocking in, no boss telling you when to have lunch or to get onto a zoom meeting. You even decide the time and dates of your training to fit in around your family life.

  • Learn business skills – this is your chance to become a marketer, seller and to cut your teeth learning how to run a business. It’s time to scratch the itch!
  • You might have another business and bolt Busylizzy classes onto your schedule. Own owner operator package is flexible to work with your studio needs
  • We take care of the boring stuff like legal agreements and policies so you can focus on the fun stuff running your business OR spend more time with your loved ones.
  • Work full time with our multi club and master franchise licenses

Take the first step towards that precious work-life balance you have always dreamed of. Bee part of something amazing!