Julie here, Busylizzy founder.

I speak to thousands of women every year who, like me 10 years ago, are looking for flexible work that truly fits in around family life.

I set up the very first Busylizzy club in 2011 for two reasons – to provide my local community of new and expectant mums with a great selection of classes, with easy online booking and flexibility as standard. And in doing so, provide for my family emotionally and financially by working flexibility around my then 2 and 3 year olds. No more commuting, guilty nursery drop offs and missed sports days! Fast forward 10 years and Busylizzy has flourished. Launched in a recession and thrived throughout a pandemic, Busylizzy has gone on to support 29,000 new and expectant parents across the U.K both online and in local studios.

So, if my story resonates with you and you would like to know more about running your own Busylizzy club with the support from our dedicated head office team, proven systems, smart branding and industry knowhow, book into an online discovery meeting with me to find out more.

It’s an amazing business to be part of, built by mums, for mums! It’s time to follow your dream.

Founder + Mum to Lucy and Ollie

Take the first step towards that precious work-life balance you have always dreamed of. Bee part of something amazing!

Our Difference

Established in 2011, The Busylizzy® brand transformed the way parents attend classes with their children. Gone are the days where parents are happy to pay for terms of classes they don’t use. The modern family wants the flexibility to book and attend a variety of classes each week depending on their stage of pregnancy, postpartum fitness and little ones stage, age and mood.

More than just a class, parents want a place to socialise with other parents, meet new friends and feel supported as they enjoy their maternity leave together.

Founder Julie Clabby says “Whilst on Maternity leave in 2009, I attended classes with my baby and toddler but felt the market was old fashioned. Providers required rigid termly block bookings, I had no idea if anyone was insured or qualified and often had to leave my baby in a creche so I could workout. The final straw came when my baby caught chicken pox. We couldn’t attend any pre planned classes for 3 weeks and lost all the sessions.

Not satisfied, Julie decided to do something about it and the Busylizzy Family Club concept was born.

Busylizzy is a unique family club experience for like-minded parents to come together and experience inspiring pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes and fun & nurturing baby & toddler classes all under one umbrella. Members book, cancel and reschedule classes using the Busylizzy app, enjoy class variety to suit their pregnancy and postpartum stage and little ones age plus come together to attend regular social events and workshops — Baby Weaning, Baby First Aid and Hypnobirthing to name a few.

Fast forward 11 years and our unique concept, high service levels, awesome choice, innovative use of technology and brilliant value have captured the imagination of parents in what was otherwise a traditional sector.

It’s been an exciting journey from conception in 2011 to award winning multi unit business and we’re looking for new ambitious franchise owners to join our team and deliver the Busylizzy experience across the U.K.

The Busylizzy Experience


The Busylizzy brand is disruptive. We don’t settle for boring routines, termly intakes and block bookings. We make life easy for our members, we prioritise family life for our franchise owners and we have fun whilst running our serious business.


Say goodbye to rigid termly intakes and dull weekly class patterns! Busylizzy’s membership model means you can help parents enjoy any combination of classes whenever suits their diary, little ones age, stage or mums fitness level.


Our pioneering model gives you financial security and the opportunity to offer your members unrivalled choice, flexibility and affordability. 91% of memberships renew month on month.

On top of monthly membership revenue, you can also benefit from tapping into a number of additional revenue streams. These include gift vouchers, advertising opportunities with local businesses, and revenue from workshops and seasonal events. This is where relationship building and networking within your local area pays dividends. The more time and effort you put in, the greater your return.


Our online platform delivers classes and workshops for members via Zoom and is managed centrally so you can focus on running your local business. Awesome choice for your members, no hassles for you!


Our online platform delivers classes and workshops for members via Zoom and is managed centrally so you can focus on running your local business. Awesome choice for your members, no hassles for you!

Members book, cancel and manage their own class schedules with ease online or via our handy smartphone app. No paperwork for you and fabulous flexibility for parents – which they love!

Your website is fully loaded with clever automated messages so when a client enquires about the services, they immediately receive the information they requested. Savvy parents want answer quickly so this clever tech ensures the important messages quickly reach your clients, easily and efficiently increasing your sales.


We even run a full timetable of activities online and in local studios throughout the year including school holidays! (Easter, Summer & Half Term)

This is a modern and a dynamic business built in the image of its founder. It’s been set up to maximise current technologies and make things as flexible as possible for its franchisees, and is delivering impressive results for them. Certainly one to watch in the coming years.

Andrew Brattesani, UK head of franchising for HSBC
Busylizzy is such an amazing concept, but its one of those ideas that are so good that in hindsight you wonder how we got on without it. Why on earth would we sign up to a rigid weekly class pattern, when our lives don’t run in rigid routines? Why should everything stop over the school holidays? When you think about the flexibility and value offered by a Busylizzy membership, its really a no-brainer.
Helen Oates, Awards Judge
Outstanding! Busylizzy has set new standards in the provision of quality entertainment for young families.
Colin Edwards, CEO Surrey Business Awards

Lets Chat!

We are currently recruiting for new owners to join us and to share in our success. If any of the above resonates with you – book into an online discovery meeting and I’ll explain the opportunity to you in more detail. Here’s to an exciting future.


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