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  • Full British Franchise Association members

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  • Winner – Emerging franchise brand 2016

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  • Less risk than going alone

Why Franchising?

Starting out on your own is tough and new entrants to the market need to stay ahead of the competition. Franchising delivers better results at less risk. Therefore, launching a franchise with a prominent brand name such as Busylizzy® that already has a tried-and-tested model that has proved to be highly successful across multiple locations is hugely beneficial to any prospective new business owner.
Also, when you join a franchise, you are working for yourself, but never by yourself. Our years of experience and expertise means that you can enjoy a comprehensive training programme, as well as all the ongoing support of a dedicated Head Office team.

British Franchise Association full members

February 24th, 2022, West Sussex, UK – Pregnancy, postnatal fitness and baby class provider Busylizzy Mum Ltd has been awarded full membership status by the British Franchise Association (bfa) in recognition of the network’s proven track record of ethical trading, best practice, robust operational support and financial sustainability over a period of time.

Franchised in 2014, Busylizzy became an Associate Member of the bfa in 2015. In order to become full members, the business had to undergo thorough scrutiny by the industry body that included:

  • Evidence of Busylizzy’s franchise experience, maintenance of strong industry standards and commitment to an ethical business format to build and sustain a healthy brand and network.
  • Confirmation that the Busylizzy franchise agreement satisfies the requirements of all relevant rules of bfa membership and applicable clauses of the European Code of Ethics for Franchising.
  • Audited accounts for both the franchisor and two franchisees, demonstrating the achievement of business model projections.
  • Demonstration of thorough operational support and how manpower can be scaled up as required by network growth.
  • A network health check survey of all franchisees.
  • Franchise material review from prospectuses to business plan templates and models, website and marketing materials.
  • Interview with Busylizzy Founder and Franchisor Julie Clabby.

This process resulted in the compilation of a file on the business which was signed off by the bfa’s Head of Compliance, Andrew Dick, and CEO, Pip Wilkins.

“The British Franchise Association has set the standard in UK franchising for over 40 years. Our members reflect these standards through their established business models and approved ethical business practice in their chosen sectors. We would like to congratulate Busylizzy for their successful journey from joining us in 2015 as Associate Members, for carrying on their business development, and for now becoming Full bfa Members,” said bfa CEO Pip Wilkins.

“As the UK’s largest and longest standing franchise association, the bfa represent the rulebook when it comes to franchise ethics and best practice in the UK, so we are thrilled to have been awarded full membership status,” commented Julie Clabby, Busylizzy Founder. “We have always been fully committed to the creation of a well supported, sustainable franchise network. This thorough investigation and acknowledgement of the way we operate represents a great signpost to all stakeholders of our commitment to ethical franchising.”



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