Our latest review looks back on quarter 2 and the 3 trends impacting the leisure and maternity market.

Let’s get social!

We were delighted to welcome Spring and a strong return to classes in March. The appetite for in person classes has returned to pre pandemic levels and beyond as parents seek to socialise with their baby whilst meeting new and expecting new friends once more.

Julie Clabby said “We recognised post pandemic that parents are not only looking for classes to attend with their little ones but also the opportunity to socialise, make friendships and relax with fellow members“. Julie continued, “our focus this quarter has been to offer our members a rounded maternity experience and enhance the members’ club feel for all parents on maternity leave“.

Busylizzy members have always enjoyed the flexibility of membership which includes attending a variety of different pregnancy, baby and postnatal fitness classes each week to suit their mood, energy level or little ones routine. The enhanced club experience now includes a variety of social events for members. Current favourites include ‘Mama Meet Up Social Events’, ‘Pamper & Prosecco’, ‘Stay & Play’ sessions and ‘Bumps & Bundles’ events specifically for pregnant and mums with newborns.

All events are part of the membership experience and provide a safe and welcoming place for parents to come together, exercise and socialise. Social events are fully booked and carry waiting lists in many areas- it’s been wonderful seeing so many parents and little ones socialising again.

Tech savvy

One thing the pandemic taught us was the power of technology and Busylizzy has always had its fingers on the pulse of new features with its own branded handy app for easy and immediate class booking. Zoom classes became the norm throughout lockdowns and parents have come to love the convenience of being able to attend a class at home.

Julie said… “New parents crave flexibility so at Busylizzy, we have adopted a hybrid model of in person and live Zoom classes to future proof the business“.

Best laid plans often go out of the window after a bad night’s sleep, whilst nursing a teething baby or tackling a cranky cruiser. Zoom classes enable our members to tune in online to a live real time session with one of our expert instructors but without the need to leave home. Parents have told us how convenient the Zoom classes were during lockdown and beyond so they’re here to stay for all Busylizzy members.

Julie continued… “Future proofing the business for our franchise owners and offering an unbeatable service to our members has been the focus for us this year. Members can enjoy in person classes, Zoom classes and social events as part of their membership for a rounded maternity experience. I’m delighted by what my franchise owners have created for new and expectant parents“.

Spending Power

Established in 2011, Busylizzy first launched in the thick of a recession so we know first hand the challenge of navigating financial uncertainty. Fast forward 11 years and the talks of War in Ukraine and the Cost of Living Crisis rebound around us but what does that actually mean at Busylizzy?

Although many across the globe have experienced a financial shock over the last two years, the Busylizzy target audience of professional parents living in affluent areas remains largely untouched. In many cases, these pockets are deeper now than ever with 33% reporting finances improved during the pandemic because they could save and didn’t spend on holidays, commuting to work and other luxury items.

Julie explains, “off the back of the pandemic, parents are prioritising social experiences and the wellbeing of themselves and baby so we have adapted the business accordingly. At Busylizzy, we provide a 1st class maternity leave experience, complete with pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes and baby classes – in person and live online via Zoom – plus a wide selection of social events to keep everyone connected“.


The business landscape has changed forever but one thing parents continue to be passionate about is staying fit, active and healthy. Busylizzy has adapted its model to ensure all members can achieve this in person and online but the club experience goes beyond just classes. Savvy parents in 2022/23 expect good quality and professionally run classes, quick and easy class booking AND the opportunity to feel supported and to socialise with other like minded friends.

One club, everything you need. That’s what Busylizzy is all about!

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