Jen Hibberd, Busylizzy Horsham

Before buying Busylizzy in Horsham Jen was an associate director of a PR firm in London. In 2014 she moved as a family to Horsham and purchased her local Busylizzy club.

  • What does your typical day look like?

I love being at my classes so I always try to make sure I’m there for the postnatal and baby sessions which are normally in the morning . I welcome guests and members, help instructors set up and pack down and liaise with our venue on logistics. It’s perfect timing for me to drop my children to school, head home and get ready and then head out again. 

It was particularly lovely getting back to classes after lockdown, and being at classes is a great way to ensure I’m always in touch with the membership and instructors. Hopefully my members and team alike feel like I’m very visible and they can speak to me about anything.

While the classes are in action I sit and run through my day’s tasks – following up with people who’ve expressed interest in our classes, booking in trials, processing membership admin and posting daily social media updates.

After I return home I’ll look at bigger picture activities like timetable analysis and planning, marketing activity for the upcoming quarter, ad hoc member event organisation and monthly reporting and invoicing.

  • Roughly how many hours do you work per day / week?

I normally work Monday-Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm (ish) but it varies depending on what’s going on. I then log on each evening just to send the registers for the next day’s classes to the relevant instructors, but that only takes a few minutes. 

The fact that I’m in control of when I work is ideal. When I know school holidays are coming up I’ll try and plan around them so that I have less to do while the kids are off. And if I need to pop into a class then they’re always welcome too. In fact I think it’s really nice that they can see what I do, and that the members and instructors sometimes meet my children!

  • What do you particularly like doing?

I really love getting to know the members and their little ones – having a chat before or after class. I’m always happy to lend an ear if they’re struggling through any parenting issues as I’ve been there myself and I know how hard it can be.  

  • What’s less fun?

It’s sad saying goodbye to members when their time with us ends and they’re heading back to work after maternity leave. But many of them come back with subsequent babies which is always a welcome return!

  • How do you structure your work around children / family life? 

I try and do as much as possible while the kids are at school so that I’m free to take them to clubs / hang out and cook dinner etc when they finish. There are always odd days when something needs doing outside of school hours but the great thing about it is that most of the time it can be done on my terms – so after the boys have gone to bed, or while they’re having a bit of a crash in front of the TV. 

It’s lovely being my own boss and being able to control my own time. Occasionally my husband will have some time off and we’re able to go for lunch together so that we also get some ‘us’ time while the kids are at school! Feels like a real treat!