Katherine Ainslie, Busylizzy Richmond & Twickenham

Accountant, Katherine joined Busylizzy as a member in 2016 and went on to purchase Busylizzy in Richmond & Twickenham the following year explains what her day looks like as a busy multi club owner and working mum.

  • What does your typical day look like?

The majority of my time though is spent trying to maximise profitability for the club through new members and generating revenue. I check my targets for the month to see where I am and where my priorities need to be. I then plan my marketing and membership communication activity accordingly, scheduling paid social media advertising and creating taster classes to advertise to potential members, as well as additional revenue generators and member events such as photoshoots, first aid and weaning workshops. I also look at ways to improve the conversion rate of guests signing up as members.

On a weekly or monthly basis I will then plan for social media posting to relevant local groups, take care of my monthly reporting and invoicing and also check my timetable and class occupancy for optimal performance.

  • Roughly how many hours do you work per day / week?

Normally I would work 3-4 hours per day, with my Office Manager doing 2 hours / day. However, it’s not that long since I had my second baby so I’m doing less at the moment – probably around 2 hours per day, while my Office Manager has increased her hours to help out more.

If I’m on holiday then my Office Manager looks after everything so that I can take a break!

  • What do you particularly like doing?

Since having had my second baby I’ve been going to Busylizzy classes with my little one in Richmond as well as in Elmbridge, which is the most local club to me. It’s been nice to appreciate Busylizzy as a member all over again with the great variety of classes and community feel, and this has given me renewed enthusiasm and ideas for running my own club.

In my own club it’s really nice to speak to members and guests, as well as the camaraderie with my instructors and feeling like being part of a team. I also really appreciate the relationship that we have amongst the other franchise owners – sharing ideas and hearing what’s working for others

  • How do you structure your work around children / family life?

When I just had one child, I planned my work to fit in with my daughter’s nursery/school hours. Now with a 5 month old too, I try to enjoy lots of time with him, so work wise I focus on urgent matters and supporting my Office Manager. I think the best bit of it all is the flexibility of the job and the ability that it gives me to focus on my own children when they need me.