Not just Mummy – tips for exercise and self-care for a healthy New Year

Vanessa Stanfield, fitness instructor and nutrition adviser

We all love to view January as a fresh start. Especially this year after such a turbulent 2020/21. It’s a time to reassess who we are and who we want to be. As a new mum it can be difficult to be anything other than mummy though. We all know that self care is important so let’s not only take the time to shower (some days, I know, it’s next to impossible!) but try to do something that’s for you.

Exercising is self care. A quick 20 minute pilates class not only benefits your body but releases those feel good endorphins! You’ll feel stronger physically and mentally – like a mum who’s unstoppable! You got this, Mumma!!

But we appreciate that you don’t just feel like Supermum overnight. It takes a bit of preparation. So here are a couple of simple things you can do to get yourself set up for success.

1) Start your day the healthy way! With a breakfast that will keep you fuller for longer and help you keep up with your little one. Protein like eggs, Greek yogurt or smoked salmon will help to give you sustainable energy you need. Also, avoiding sugar first thing in the morning will keep insulin levels even and in turn help with those afternoon sugar cravings!

2) Make a plan! Sunday or whenever you have a few free moments to yourself plan your week. Write down what classes you plan to do and/or when you’ll go on a walk. Having a schedule is a good reminder (and it helps when you have baby brain!) and will help you stick to it. Cross it off your list when completed for that good feeling of success!

About Vanessa
Vanessa has been in the fitness industry for 10 years teaching a variety of classes from Zumba to kettlebells and barre. Her current passion is teaching pre and postnatal pilates and bootcamp classes with Busylizzy, as well as working one to one with people to help them achieve their fitness goals.