Online Postnatal Pilates

Our innovative approach takes traditional Pilates principles such as stretching, strengthening and realigning the body and tailors them for new mummies, so expect to work those stubborn areas affected by pregnancy and labour, and tone those pesky pelvic floor and abdominals!

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Online Postnatal Yoga

This virtual postnatal yoga class is designed to align body, improve posture, promote wellbeing and strengthen the core and lower back (important after giving birth with the constant lifting and carrying). The gentle session will release tension in the shoulders, tone the abdomen and teach key deep-breathing exercises to alleviate tiredness and clear the mind.

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Online Postnatal Aerobics

We’ll take you on a fitness journey with a 15/15/15 approach – 15 minutes each of heart-pumping aerobics & dance, 15 minutes of toning beautiful mummy curves, and 15 minutes of stretching and core work.

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Online Postnatal Bootcamp

The ultimate mummy fitness workout. Our virtual Bootcamp class is designed to burn up to 500 calories in short sharp bursts – giving you a great all over body workout. Sessions are designed to challenge and push you that little bit harder making them ideal for mummies looking for the extra motivation to achieve their fitness goals.

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Interactive talks

We’ve partnered with experts to provide tips and advice to help support your birth recovery. View on demand videos from our experts including The Mummy Hub – Your Postnatal Pelvic floor, Birth Recovery tips from our resident instructor and birth coach Lucy Howlett and learn how to self test for Diastasis Rectis (abdominal separation) with our postnatal Pilates instructor Magda Lauchard.

  • Informative and relevant to postnatal mums

  • Ask questions and interact with experts

  • Available live and on demand

  • Included as part of your membership
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