Fun, upbeat and educational classes designed to develop and nurture young minds and bodies whilst also helping to burn off all that abundant energy they always seem to have! There’s plenty to keep them entertained, whether they enjoy being creative, getting messy or just running and jumping around. Let the fun begin!


Online Mini Dancers

We encourage mummy or carer to help tots with dancing and interactive exercises, including counting, colour recognition, musical appreciation and coordination. Classes include a popular sing-song, wiggle, dance and puppetry play fun. Mini Dancers is suitable for tots crawling/just walking to around 3 years.

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Online Mini Musicians

This music class is a feeder session from our popular Baby Music class. Mini musicians is a fun and energetic virtual music and movement class tailored to bring out your little one’s sense of rhythm and develop their self-confidence. Through lots of positive re-enforcement and repetition language skills are also developed.

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Online Little Yogis

Welcome to the wonderful world of children’s yoga, this virtual class is suitable for 2-4 year olds (eager 18mth welcome), and parents and carers are encouraged to join in too. We work with a variety of yoga postures that suit children’s little bodies (adults benefit to) we also do breath work, we sing songs together, which the children love and this helps to develop creative self-expression. We have fun with stories and games and during the relaxation session play beautiful soothing music or tell an enchanted story – even if the relaxation is just for a moment it has wonderful benefits.

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Online Twinkle Ballet

Come and have fun in our baby ballet class – suitable for boys and girls! Each class features a variety of new themes, fairytale stories and props as the magical world of ballet is brought to life by our wonderful instructors. Tutus and ballet pumps welcome but not essential.

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Interactive talks

Our expert partners will provide you with support, knowledge and knowhow videos to help guide you and your family through the toddler years. Available now on demand for all members – Safety around the house tips from Daisy First Aid and Better Toddler Sleep talk with our certified Sleep consultant at ‘Saving Sleep’.

  • Informative and relevant to families with small children

  • Ask questions and interact with experts

  • Available live and on demand

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Stay fit, healthy & have fun with your little one


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