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Building a More Resilient Parent Mindset with James Cook from Next Level Coaching & Performance Improvement

Parenting is a challenge, no matter who you are or how old your little one is. Your life changes overnight, and there is no training or user manual to help you figure it out. What resources there are, only give an idea of the reality.

As with everything in life, success, confidence and clarity starts and ends with our own mindset. How we see things determines how we react to things.

Mindset Coach and first-time Dad talks about ideas and suggestions to help tackle the stress and overwhelm of being a parent. From this talk you will take the following:

1. Methods to reduce and overcome stress and overwhelm
2. Ideas on how to tackle some major mindset hurdles of parenthood
a. the desire for (and fallacy of) perfection,
b. the need to prioritise and re-prioritise constantly,
c. and the superhuman level of patience that parenthood requires

If any of this sounds like something that will help you be a more confident, happier parent, then this talk is for you.