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Postpartum Hormones and Nutrition with Tegan Philip from Cultivate Natural Health

Tegan holds a masters in Nutritional Medicine and is a registered Naturopath and NLP coach.

Passionate about postpartum health, Tegan has dedicated her research and work to supporting mums of newborns, toddlers and young children.

It was during her own transition into motherhood that she realised there really isn’t enough education and support for postpartum women. As a Naturopath, Tegan thought she had a really good grasp on postpartum health, but it wasn’t until her son was born, with further training and research in postpartum health that she was really able to understand and navigate the hormonal, nutritional and emotional changes that come with motherhood.

Through her own research and clinical experience, Tegan discovered that certain nutrients, foods and lifestyle changes can help to restore and reclaim your health as a mum. This talk will cover postpartum hormones, and why you might be feeling depleted. It will also cover the key nutrients needed in the postpartum period, and why weight loss can be hard to achieve for so many new mums!