Top 10 Fitness and Nutrition Tips for 2022

Busylizzy Expert Trainer – Lianne McMillan

After such a challenging time, lots of people are going to be more focused on making 2022 a great year all round, and will see people getting back into exercise more than ever.

If you’re a new mum looking to start some postnatal exercise this year – or even not such a new mum looking to get back into a routine of workouts, here are my top fitness and nutrition tips to set you up for a great start to the year!

  1. Be prepared – get your exercise kit out the night before.
  2. Make an exercise plan for the week – book in your exercise session like you would a dental appointment. The Busylizzy App is great for that – allowing you to add a class to your calendar once you’ve booked it!
  3. If plans change due to your baby not settling or wanting your attention, don’t write the day off! Get wrapped up and head out for a walk together instead. The fresh air will boost mood and burn calories, plus walking is great for leg and bottom toning!
  4. Batch cook healthy meals at the weekend. If you’re short on time in the week at least you’ve got a nutritious quick meal you can eat.
  5. Variety of exercise is the key to keeping you mentally focused and physically challenged. Don’t do the same class all the time – change it up and choose different classes.
  6. Include a mind / body class (Pilates or Yoga) at least once a week to strengthen the body and destress the mind.
  7. Set a 8,000-10,000 step goal a day and try to stick to it.
  8. Don’t weigh yourself! Find an item of clothing that’s a little snug and use this as your reference for weight loss. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. This isn’t reflected when we step onto the scales. You may be trimmer and down a dress size but weigh the same or just a little less.
  9. Diversity is key when it comes to food – fill your plate with lots of different foods of different colours. That way you get an abundance of nutrients and also feed your gut microbiome. A healthier gut means a better immune system – a pretty important consideration right now!
  10. If exercise starts to feel easier as you get fitter remember to pick up the pace a little and go for the harder options available.

About Lianne

Lianne is a pre- and postnatally qualified instructor and personal trainer. She has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and now splits her time between studio teaching and personal training, while also studying for her diploma in culinary medicine, which reflects her passion for nutrition and health.