Business in a Box!

Take back control of your work/life balance in 2022 with a Busylizzy ‘business in a box’ franchise. One of the many benefits of investing in a franchise is that all the hard work involved in setting up and establishing a business has already been done for you so you can simply unwrap your business and get going in your local area.

Taking the leap into self employment can be a scary experience and full of unknowns which is why investing in a franchise is the preferred route for many new entrepreneurs embarking on their first steps into running their own business.

With a franchise, you get all the benefits of running your own business including the complete freedom to work when you want and around your family but the business infrastructure, processes, branding and support team is in place to help you. For this reason, the risk adverse can enter into the world of self employment with the safety net of the franchsior to guide them.

This has been demonstrated by Busylizzy franchise owner Jen in Horsham, Sussex. Jen explains,

‘Having been a Busylizzy member I thought the concept was absolutely brilliant; a completely new, fresh approach to the traditional parent and baby classes. I liked the range of classes available, the professionalism of the brand and the flexibility it offered to its members. From a work point of view I was very attracted by the possibility of being able to work hours that suited me.’

Unlike any other business model, franchising also comes with a ready-made support system of people who have all ‘been there and done that’ but who aren’t in competition with you.

Jen continues, ‘I cannot emphasise enough how important the other franchise owners are to me. Not only is the camaraderie great but we also have a group where we swap ‘best practice’ ideas and generally support each other through the rigors of owning our own businesses. If I don’t know the answer, I know that one of them will. It is also really useful being able to benchmark your own performance against everyone else’s.’

Now Jen’s business is well-established with a large and ever-growing membership list, she says she still works hard but equally can choose her own working hours to fit around the boys.

Investing in a franchise is your chance to start and grow a business that belongs to you but is fully supported by a Head Office team. Share in the Busylizzy business systems & infrastructure and operational know-how and run your own business, flexibly from home and around your family.

Our ‘business in a box franchise’ has incredible advantages as we provide everything you need to get started including class equipment, team uniform and props, as well as website & app build, marketing materials, video/photo library and of course, full training. Everything is taken care of so you can focus on getting started.

We have ambitious plans and are currently recruiting for 2022 club launches. If you’re considering the leap into self employment and would like a support team around you, let’s chat. Find out if there’s a business opportunity in your area and get in touch.