Busylizzy – a true market pioneer

Busylizzy’s core business is offering fitness and wellbeing classes to new and expectant parents. Around 700,000 babies are born in the UK each year, every year. That’s a lot of parents and little ones, and more coming along all the time! You’ll never be short of potential customers, and more parents are more interested than ever in modern, innovative ways to improve their, and their children’s, health & wellbeing.

While this kind of business has been around for a long time, it is quite fragmented with a hugely varying level of quality and accessibility around the country. More than that, many of these services are quite limited and don’t offer parents the choice they are looking for. In today’s hectic world where parents are expected to juggle child-care, work and still somehow find time to look after themselves, having something special in their schedule makes a huge difference. They want to be sure that they are getting what they need from classes in a way that works for them, and Busylizzy offers exactly that.

The Busylizzy franchise is:

A business that stands out from the competition
At Busylizzy, we have established 25 different signature classes and events that give customers an experience they simply can’t find anywhere else. The entire offering is designed to engage, nurture and develop using a whole range of modern techniques and we are always keen to incorporate the latest trends. Busylizzy also offers a unique range of talks in partnership with parenting experts that are both practical and inspirational.

A business that is ahead of the curve
In recent years, and most especially during the pandemic, people have become more accustomed to online services than ever, and expect a certain amount of flexibility and ease. Most providers simply don’t offer this, and supply is not meeting the increasingly high expectations of parents. Not so with Busylizzy. Unlike other providers, our booking system does not rely on rigid termly intakes and repetitive weekly classes. Instead, members can enjoy any combination of classes at any time that suits them. Many classes can also be streamed online too and all sessions are booked using the innovative Busylizzy app.

A business opportunity with fantastic potential
By offering all this, and more, to your customers there is fantastic potential for you to build a successful and rewarding business where you are in the driving seat. The Busylizzy unique membership model sells to its existing customers again and again and over 90% renew their subscription month on month. You could also benefit from a range of other revenue streams as your business grows, such as gift vouchers, advertising opportunities with local businesses and revenue from talks and seasonal events.