New Busylizzy Club for Herts After Year-Long Lockdown Wait!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re adding a new club to the Busylizzy family this spring, with Joanna Gee joining the team in Hertford. Joanna had actually planned to start classes in 2020 – meeting us to agree her plan literally the week before Lockdown hit and thwarted her plans! However, just over a year later and she’s still raring to go. She’ll be making online classes available later this month, with local taster classes starting in May, and full launch following in June.

The mum of a two year old daughter, Joanna joined Busylizzy when her little girl Florence was just two months old. Her membership experience defined her time on maternity leave, helping her to make friends and take part in a range of fun activities and fitness classes. After returning to her role at a marketing technology firm, a nagging desire to create something similar for parents in her area and to find a more flexible career that would fit around family life led her to look into the possibility of purchasing the Herts territory. However, in the same week as the deal was verbally agreed, Coronavirus sent the country into lockdown and her plans had to be shelved.

“I was so disappointed not to be able to pursue my plans and launch Busylizzy in 2020. However, I hope that the wait will make the launch even bigger and better, “ explained Joanna. “Mums to be and new parents have missed out on so much over the past year, so I’m really excited to be able to offer the chance for them to take part in sessions that will boost physical and mental wellbeing for them and their little ones, as well as helping them to make friends and create a new network of social support. Moreover, lockdown also meant that the Busylizzy business model grew and adapted with the launch of a platform of online classes, meaning that I am now able to offer members an even more flexible membership package which mixes local and online sessions.”

“Hertford is a brilliant place to live for young families, with a lovely community feel and lots of independent, creative local businesses. I’m really looking forward to collaborating with these other entrepreneurs and to launching a range of fun, upbeat and above all welcoming classes for expectant mums and new parents.”