The Benefits of Baby Signing

Tots tantrums are often caused by frustration as they struggle to communicate so it’s not surprising that at Busylizzy, we have seen a spike in attendance at Baby Signing classes and they are becoming increasingly popular with parents. The Baby Signing classes teach you a language you can both understand and incredibly, a baby can learn between 30-60 signs before their first birthday!

In each Baby Signing session, you learn signs and gestures so your baby can communicate with you before they can talk. Each session focuses on different signs and re-caps on other sessions so you build a portfolio of signs to use with your little one. Participants sing whilst signing so the sessions are fun, upbeat and educational. The key benefits include reduced frustration, understanding of your little ones emotions/feelings, parent/baby bond plus early speech and use of words.

As signing is a visual form of communication, prior to being able to speak, babies can learn various signs and link them up to their wants and needs. It really is that simple! They can sign to you what they want, and you are then able to respond to them. Both parent and child feel more bonded and in tune with each other.

There are many more benefits in learning to sign, such as:

  • Reducing frustration, not just for babies but for parents too!
  • Encouraging eye to eye contact and face to face communication
  • Develops finger dexterity and fine motor skills.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem for both child and parents together.
  • Boosting early communication skills, encouraging speech as well as signing.
  • A helpful skill for multilingual families

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