BabySessions: Not Just for the Babies!

Baby Classes

Baby Classes

For the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you can rest assured that all your little one needs is you! Every day is a school day when you’re a newborn, and you’ll notice that even short periods of stimulation will leave them exhausted and in need of another nap! But as they get bigger, have longer awake periods and develop a natural sense of curiosity about the world around them, baby classes and activities can form a really important part of their development.

Sessions such as Baby Massage and Yoga can aid physical development, while classes based around music and multi-sensory based activities can help with brain stimulation and language development. And all shared activities will strengthen the bond between parent and child through loving touch and interaction.

But the effects of baby groups and classes are more far-reaching than that, providing babies with the opportunity to learn social interaction skills, and gain insight into things like sharing, playing together and kindness – even from a young age. Getting out to a class also gets little ones used to being in and exploring new spaces, as well as seeing plenty of new faces, which is really important for confidence later in life.

But it’s not just the little ones who will benefit from getting out and about! For parents, baby groups and classes provide a safe space to bond with their baby – away from the distractions of day to day life. It’s so easy to get side-tracked by that pile of dirty washing or the list of life admin. But if you set aside dedicated time to participate in a session together – whether you’re doing a class online at home or getting out to something locally – the focussed attention you can create as you are guided through the class by an instructor will really help you learn about your child, and strengthen your relationship no end.

Classes can enable you to learn a new skill together, which can help to build confidence and leave you feeling empowered. Or maybe you gain a new support network of other parents with children of a similar age who can offer advice and empathy. It’s not just the session you attend – it’s the chat afterwards with an actual grown up, the swapped number or the walk in the park & coffee another time. These are the little things that can keep us sane at a time of enormous change in our lives when we might otherwise feel isolated, or like we’re the only ones going through the sleepless nights and endless nappy changes.

So there are lots of benefits from taking part in activities and classes with your baby – for you both! If you’d like to come and try one of Busylizzy’s local or online sessions, you can find out more at We’d love to hear from you.

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