Creating Confident Children

As she returned to work, one of our members recently told us:

“It’s been the best warm up to nursery for my little girl. She’s loved all of the interaction with the other children and getting to play with different toys each week.”

And it struck us that this was a benefit to Busylizzy membership that hadn’t really occurred to us before. That our classes represent a great stepping stone from maternity leave to future childcare settings. Even with Covid safety guidelines still in place and a certain amount of social distancing still going on to keep everyone safe, the importance of getting out and about with babies for them to explore new spaces and see new faces is still evident.

Babies learn so much through play, exploration and experimentation. Face to face classes help with basic social interaction skills with other adults and little ones. Babies learn from each other and as they get bigger and start to be able to move independently, they build important skills like sharing, playing together and kindness.

Our sessions run through a range of developmental stages. They start when babies are just 6 weeks old with gentle and more passive classes like Baby Massage and Baby Karma which focus on nurturing touch and relaxation for parent and child, while building strong bonds. Then as little ones start to become more interactive and able to flex their growing motor and communication skills, new classes like Baby Yoga open up to them to aid physical development, while Baby Signing supports communication, and Baby Music and Boogie build rhythm, coordination and speech development. All our classes foster infants’ natural curiosity and communicative natures.

So if you’re already starting to think about the end of maternity leave and the natural worries around sending your baby to a new childcare setting – whether that be nursery, a childminder, or even being looked after by a grandparent – you can feel confident that your little one will have more confidence of their own, and feel more socially assured if they have been introduced to a range of spaces, places and people during your time together.