The Benefits Of Attending Local Postnatal Fitness classes

Top 10 reasons to try our local postnatal fitness classes

Many of our Busylizzy clubs are opening up local group classes again, and we can’t wait to see lots of mums and babies enjoying these! Classes are all Covid secure with restricted numbers, social distancing in place and precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our members and guests.

There are many benefits to attending group postnatal fitness classes as a new mum, here are a few to try and get you motivated!

1. Meet other local mums and babies:
We know it has been a hard time for mums who have had their babies during these current challenging times, with many of the usual postnatal activities and support for new mums not being available. Busylizzy classes are a great way to meet other local mums and babies, in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment, to help you make the most of your maternity leave.

2. Baby comes to classes with you so no childcare is required: As many new mums don’t have childcare options or family nearby to help, and may not feel comfortable leaving their young baby in a creche at a gym, Busylizzy classes offer the perfect solution as your baby can be in the class next to you while you exercise. Depending on the venue, you may be able to keep baby in their buggy (ideal if they’re asleep while you want to enjoy a fitness class!) or in a car seat/carrier or on a blanket next to you with a few of their own toys to help keep them happy while you enjoy the class.

3. There is a class for everyone: Whether you’re in the early stages of post-birth recovery, or a year postnatal, there is a class for every mum! Mummy&Me Yoga and Pilates are ideal gentle classes to start with, and once you’re feeling up to it, our Mummy&Me Buggyfitness, Bootcamp and Aerobics classes provide a fun challenge for those looking for a more active workout. Membership allows you to choose any class you like, so you can change your schedule to pick different classes as your fitness and energy levels change.

4. Help with your post-partum recovery: Pregnancy and labour take a toll on your body, and our classes can help you with a gradual and safe recovery, fully guided by our lovely instructors. Pilates helps strengthen abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which will have been affected by birth, and Yoga helps with posture, alleviating back issues and stretching out muscles which may be tense from the demands of motherhood and breastfeeding. The more challenging cardio classes help you regain fitness and tone up to get back towards your pre-baby fitness levels.

5. Exercise with like-minded mums: Our classes are very relaxed and tailored to suit new mums, so it’s no problem at all if you need to stop to feed or attend to your baby at any time during the class, you can take however much time you need then rejoin the class when you’re ready. Don’t worry if your baby cries or is unsettled either, all the other attendees are new mums too, so we all understand!

6. Boost your mood: Pregnancy and birth can be difficult experiences for some mums, especially during the current situation with the additional challenges brought by Covid. Exercise can help reduce depression, and improve your mood while diminishing stress and anxiety. Our Yoga/Pilates classes help promote a feeling of rest and wellbeing, while our cardio classes get those endorphins flowing to give you an amazing post workout-high and leave you buzzing afterwards!

7. Individual advice and motivation from our instructors: Our amazing team of local instructors are all certified postnatal fitness specialists, so can help with ensuring exercises are tailored to your fitness levels and any specific conditions or complications you may have following birth. Anyone attending the postnatal fitness classes will need to have had their postnatal check before attending classes, so please make instructors aware of any concerns. Our instructors are also amazing at motivating you when you need that extra boost!

8. Flexible class booking: The amazing Busylizzy app allows you to book or cancel classes at the touch of a button, giving the complete flexibility needed for new mums with busy and unpredictable schedules. If you’ve had a bad night with your baby, you can simply cancel your class place and use the credit to book on another class instead, so you never need to pay for classes you don’t attend.

9. Make the most of your maternity leave: Attending local classes helps give a reason to get out of the house every day, and with so many Busylizzy classes to choose from you get a chance to try lots of different classes to see which ones suit you and your baby, for maximum variety and choice while on maternity leave.

10.Enjoy some time to focus on you: It can be hard to find a minute to yourself as a new mum, but it’s so important to take care of yourself as well as of your family. Our classes allow you to focus on your own needs and goals so you’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of day!

There are local Busylizzy classes taking place in London, Surrey, West Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and Gloucestershire, find your nearest club here.

We hope to see you soon!