Better Baby Sleep

Figuring out how to get your baby to sleep better can be difficult. We have listed below some tips you can try at home.

Routine – try to find a bedtime routine that works for you and your family. Usually between 6 – 8pm. It’s not always possible to stick to the same time but getting into a routine means your baby will begin to understand it’s now bedtime and it will help them settle. Incorporate the same routine each evening. Perhaps a bath, 15 mins of baby massage in a dimly lit room and a milk feed will help calm your baby ready for sleep.

Sleepy – put your baby down sleepy rather than fast asleep. Research has shown that a sleepy baby will learn to settle themselves to sleep. This helps if they wake up in the right as they can begin to learn to soothe themselves back to sleep again.

Lighting – black out blinds are really useful and help cut out the light for those lunchtime naps and early mornings.

Overtired – it can be tempting to try and keep your baby awake more in the day in the hope they will sleep longer at night. This can leave you with a grumpy, overtired baby. If your baby is yawning, rubbing their eyes, crying and becoming fussy, not wanting to play, it could be that they are overtired and need a nap.

Remember, all babies are different but most develop into a routine overtime. If you are struggling with baby sleep and would like some advice, Charlotte from Saving Sleep joined us last month for a talk on her specialist subject, Better Baby Sleep. Charlotte is a certified Baby & Toddler Sleep consultant so we were very excited when she agreed in helping our members achieve better sleep habits with their little ones and how best to introduce a sleep routine that works for you.

Charlotte says “Sleep is an essential part of everyone’s routine and an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet for our little ones it can be a real challenge. With some basic tips I can help you achieve much better quality sleep”

During the 1 hour talk, Charlotte covered a variety of topics and answered questions from members including the importance of sleep, stages of sleep and the sleep journey. Charlotte also gave us her top tips on how to get little ones sleeping well.

A real lifesaver for us all! This talk has been viewed over 3,000 times and received rave reviews from members so it’s one not to miss.

If you’ve not yet watched this or our other talks, they are available for all members on demand, anytime. Sweet dreams!


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